30 minutes – £10

A Course of 15  with 30 minute sessions – £95

“The Vibrating Exercise Machine”  10 minutes = 1 hour workout  Just stand on the machine and work the areas you want to work! No exercise involved! The machine simply works by” Pulling your Body Off Balance” meaning your muscles naturally work to pull your body back on balance. (A Replica of the Machine Astronauts use to keep fit and stay in shape!) Ideal for shifting weight where it just doesn’t seem to want to move!

The Benefits:

-Helps Inch and Weight Loss
-Burns Fat
-Tones Muscles and Tighten`s Skin
-Increases Human Growth Hormone
-Reduces Appearance of Cellulite and Boosts your Body’s Natural Collagen Production
-Increases your Muscle Strength
-Improves Blood Circulation and aids Lymphatic Drainage
-Builds Bone Density and helps to fight medical conditions such as Osteoporosis
-Increase Metabolism, helping to Burn Fat and Raise Energy Levels
-Minimise Lower Back and Joint Pain
-Decrease Blood Pressure and Cortisol Levels
-Increases Flexibility
-Improved Sense of Balance and Co-ordination
-Elevates your Serotonin and Neutrophine Levels (better mood and sense of well being)
-Helps to loose Varicose Veins