Pilates with Zanna 

Zanna has been teaching Pilates for 12 years.  With her Pilates Training Solutions Exercise and management of Lower Back Pain Level 4, CYQ Level 3, Pilates Mat work, Pilates Institute Original Repertoire Pilates Group Mat work 3, Pilates Institute Remedial Pilates… She is part of the Register of Exercise Professionals and very much appreciated by our Clients here at ESSE.

Pilates is a Mind Body Exercise method that consists of Slow, Precise Movements with Controlled Breathing.

With Pilates you will learn to use your core muscles which support and stabilise the spine, promoting a stronger back and firmer abdominals.

With regular practice Pilates will improve all over Muscle Tone, Posture, Flexibility, Body Awareness and Co-ordination.
Whilst rebalancing your body, Pilates will Relieve Stress and help to Alleviate or Prevent Back Pain.

Zanna’s Pilates Classes consists of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Classes (Zanna will slot you in where she feels would work best for you!)

Her Intermediate and Advanced Classes include the use of small pieces of equipment to strengthen the exercises, such as the Pilates Magic Circle, Stability Foam Roller, the Overball and Resistance Bands.

Maximum of 8 people per class

The Pilates courses run during term times for 6-7 weeks. (Individual Classes are often held throughout the holidays for those that want to continue during this time).

£12 per group session

Complimentary Tea/ Coffee and use of the Sauna/Showers with every class.

Individual and smaller group sessions are also available for an even more personal tuition and to help you become confident with the basic principles and moves.

Individual sessions:
1 person £45 per session
2 people: £56 per session
3 people: £66 Per session

For a free consultation or to discuss the classes further please call Zanna on: 07719862371 or visit her website http://www.zannanewton.co.uk