Emma Gushlow and Katrina Cole have a passion for the craft of making beautiful shearling garments and accessories. The South London born designers met at school at the age of four and have worked creatively together since graduating from The London College of Fashion, cementing their design partnership with a debut collection in 2003.

The Gushlow and Cole brand was born from many years experience working with traditional English manufacturing methods of shearling within the highly respected Cole family business giving them unrivaled specialist knowledge and understanding for their chosen materials.

Gushlow and Cole have produced a shearling garment and accessory collection every winter since with growing success. Taking care to use ethical tanneries, all skins they use are a by product and every item is hand made in England. Selecting the finest materials, they place emphasis on fit and construction through mastery of their medium.

The label has attracted a clientele of high profile celebrities including Angelina Jolie and can be found in many prestigious stores around the world.