indi & cold is the natural evolution of our brands Indiwoman by Individual and Cold Alaska. With the former present on the market since 1991 and the latter since 1996, they have always shared the same creative management, the only difference being their distribution models.

indi & cold represents the search for new horizons, uniting our creative efforts in one single collection.

indi & cold is an international brand present in most European countries, in addition to Japan and Australia, sold through two distribution channels: our own shops and multi-brand stores. We currently have 21 shops of our own, located in the best shopping streets in Spain’s most important cities and more than 500 multi-brand points of sale in Europe.

Our vision of fashion, specifically indi & cold, is that it is a lifestyle.

Our philosophy is based on a concept of naturalness, authenticity and quality; values that we try to transmit through both our collection and the atmosphere in our shops, our work team and the image we project through our customers and suppliers.

The fact it is a family business can also hold significant weight in knowing how to maintain this closeness that, in the end, can be felt in each one of our pieces.

The collection transmits accessibility; we do not set trends, we seek a feminine, meticulous and different fashion. Colour and passion for detail are two vital hallmarks of identity that have been with us since we began, without detriment to our ability to evolve as a brand.