Bombshell was born through Katya Wildmans love of the hourglass silhouette. Her signature style is deadly seductive yet never brash. A perfect balance of contemporary innovative fabrics and a classic design with a twist.

Katya honed her skills as a Costume Designer for film and television. Working on projects with clients as diverse as Chanel to the Who. Katyas talents are hardly surprising, its in the blood. Her pedigree stems from Cloth Mill owners to leather merchants stemming back hundreds of years.

Frustrated with the lack of dresses available to flatter her curves she soon realised there was a need for dresses that concealed the bits woman hate through clever draping and secret panels and to enhance the parts they do. This has led to an adoring mass of devotees, many of whom collect Katyas eclectic prints and styles season after season.

Bombshell by Katya Wildman continues to grow and is soon to offer her occasion wear in her signature shapes and fabrics