Our iambarre classes are taken by both Karen Taylor and Rosie Cameron, Karen is the founder of iambarre and both Karen and Rosie have been teaching at Esse for 10 years.

iambarre classes are low impact, but high intensity workouts, designed by a woman for a woman’s body. Discover how to achieve a dancer’s physique with long, lean muscle rather than bulk.

It’s tough, but extremely good fun, quite sexy and will be the most seriously effective body shaping you’ve ever tried. With a maximum of 10 in a class (6 in Beginners) you can be assured of plenty of individual attention from your Instructors.


Quality teaching, exacting standards and the necessary precision, to see your new beautiful body emerge. In an iambarre class, we know how to best instruct you; how those little tweaks to a position can make all the difference to achieving your goals. Karen Taylor was the first person to bring barre based exercise to the Cambs area and since then, quite rightly, it has gained momentum. It does not, however, mean all barre classes are the same and you will find many ‘cheap’ and inferior imitations out there! Anyone who attends iambarre class, will tell you, it is this precision, control and the instructors’ innate understanding of human physiology, that ‘ramps’ up the intensity, effectively targeting all those trouble spots.

IS iambarre FOR ME?

iambarre is suitable for anyone of any age or level of fitness as you will be taught to work within your own ability and then to progress from there. With regular attendance you will see fast results.

  • Exceptional muscle tone and definition
  • Beautiful poise and posture
  • And a perkier bottom than you ever thought possible


Classes are 60 minutes long and involve a complete body workout. An iambarre class takes moves found in the ‘Barre’ section of ballet classes and then breaks them down to the pure mechanics of the movement giving you a body akin to a dancer’s physique; even if you have never done a ballet class in your life. You can expect strength and resistance work, core stability, intense and targeted routines for your ‘glutes’ alongside effective stretching, breathing techniques. In advanced classes, you will be working at H.I.T level (High Intensity Training) to really get your heart pumping and those endorphins racing around your system.

Karen Taylor – 07841 363022
Email – karen@iambarre.com
Book online – http://www.iambarre.com/book/