Promotions – Reflexology and ‘Esse Expert’ Top Tips  November 2015 


We would like to welcome to our ‘Esse Expert Team’ Sandrine.
Sandrine is a fully qualified Reflexologist and works with clients with a range of issues such as stress, tiredness, hormone imbalance, or those just looking for general relaxation.
She has a keen interest in supporting people living with Cancer and has worked at the Cambridge Cancer Help Center as a volunteer for the last 4 years.

Sandrine Would like to offer Esse Clients an introductory 15% discount during November, she will be charging £42.50 Instead of £50

Please contact Sandrine directly on – and her mobile number: 07947123341

November and December


Neom Organics 
Neom have created 4 amazing Wellbeing Treatments. Natasha and Fran have been working very hard to give you the most relaxing and energizing treatments ahead of the Christmas madness.
We thought we would focus on Energize (We all need plenty of that!) De Stress (Is there such thing as a stress free Christmas?) and Sleep (Do we ever get enough..?)

Neom Sleep Treatment and De Stress Treatment
Throughout the treatment our therapists drizzle Neom’s intensive skin treatment warm candle oil over the skin and massage every inch of the body using the very best techniques of Shiatsu, Cranio, Thai massage and Trigger Point work.
The treatments begin with peaceful guided meditation, reflexology and breathing techniques.

Neom Energize Treatment
This Treatment is Designed to allow you to stop, un plug then reboot!
Giving you a boost of Natural Energy.
Starting with an invigorating wild mint and mandarin body buff followed by an energizing and detoxifying cream clay wrap using the stimulating essential oils of Rosemary, Lemon and Grapefruit in conjunction with a face and scalp massage and specalised reflexology techniques.

These Treatments last 70 minutes and as an introductory price we will be offering them for £59

Multi Technology Facial 
I have been working with Jodie, Carrie and Christy using the best technology for the job!! Which means a bit of machine shuffling as one Machine is not always enough!
These facials are tailor made depending on your ‘skin’s needs’ and ‘your needs’
We require approximately between 1 1/2 and 1 3/4 hours  for these facials. I have put together 2 Multi Technology Facials but please remember these might be changed when we have got you under a microscope!!

Multi Technology Ultimate Deep Cleanse

1) Microdermabrasion- removes dead skin cells, reduces congestion and sun damage
2) Galvanic Current – Draws out the impurities, followed by manual squeezing, and then a clay mask which clears the skin, helps shrink pores and detoxifies. Then changing the polarity of the galvanic current your skin is nourished with either:
Vitamin c – (boosts collagen fights free radicals and reduces sun damage)
Magnesium – (keeps skin hydrated and flexible)
Zinc – (boosts immune function and regulates oil production)
3) High Frequency Current – heals, oxygenates and kills bacteria
4) LED Light Therapy – Yellow light which is anti inflammatory and increases lymphatic circulation or The Blue Light which eradicates Propion Bacterium one of the most common causes of acne, with a Hylauronic Mask for intense hydration.Multi Technology Ultimate Lift, Tight and Tone
Starting with an enzyme peel to exfoliate your skin and allow products to work more efficiently in conjunction with a shoulder and decollete massage.
1) Interrupted Direct Micro-current which eliminates toxins, lymph drainage and work out the facial muscles
2) Galvanic Current – for ultimate hydration and toning using Mafane (Natures Botox!) and Sodium Hylauronate
3) Tri Polar Radio Frequency – Stimulates the production of New collagen and Elastin by healing the Dermis
4) LED Light Therapy – Red Light for collagen syntheses and a Hylauronic mask

These Facials Will be £120
Promotional Price £85

This Promotion is available in November only!!!
Time for a catch up and to get you tootsies twinkling!

A Luxury Pedicure
(Vinylux, Shellac, Infinite Shine, Glitter…)

A Glass Of Prosecco with Brownie Bites

Bring a Friend for FREE!! 

70 mins

(or… £31.50 each!)

Our ‘Esse Experts’ have kindly given us their TOP Tips for the Winter season…

Please Click on the Links attached


Morag,The Poem and Mind Reform October 2015 

Ashley and Jayne – Mind Reform would love to meet you and have a chat over a coffee on Monday 12th October, between 1.30pm – 5.30pm.

A very close friend of mine and a regular to Esse, has written the most beautiful poem about her experience with Mind Reform. We wanted to share it with you…

Childhood Loss

Myself and three siblings had a wonderful childhood,
With two parents who loved us and made us feel good.
Everything changed when my mum got ill,
Although it was hidden from me, as was their will.
When I was nine, she died, there were no goodbyes,
No grief, no memories, only an occasional sigh,
“Don’t mention your mum” I was told by my gran,
So I didn’t, and life continued, but just not to plan.

A step-mum arrived with her rules and regulations,
To bring order to a family cloaked in desperation.
My siblings rebelled, my dad retreated,
The house was a war zone with conversations heated.
And so it began, the rest of my life,
A confused child surviving, in a world full of strife.
I kept my head down, worked hard, did as I was told,
In a house lacking love where everything felt cold,
I avoided confrontation, feeling lonely and small,
With words in my head but silent behind my wall.

Fast forward forty years and yes, life is good.
With a loving, caring husband and three kids my brood.
Nice holidays, great lifestyle and fun friendships too,
But under the surface cracks were peeping through.
The anxiousness, the panic attacks, the fear of conversation,
Were building deep inside me, making me question my relations.
My family didn’t deserve to be subjected to my failings,
I had to break my wall down; bricks, mortar, and railings.

And so my journey started with Ashley and with Jayne,
Lots of questions to be answered to find the source of my pain.
With the breakthrough session looming, my past history I had to write,
Emotions stirred, feelings resurfaced, I really got a fright.
But I knew I had to do it, to make my life feel better,
The final task, before the day, was to write three family letters.
The day arrived, the groundwork done, my mind was truly active,
I guessed it wouldn’t be easy, and it wasn’t, being reactive.
When breakthrough came, I can’t explain, but felt a huge emotion,
My heart broke, then instantly mended, although I’m sure it was in slow motion.
The guilt, the blame, the anger that had harboured in my soul,
Just disappeared, and that was that, I had achieved my goal.
But the session wasn’t finished, and I couldn’t go home just yet,
My mind was still reforming, we had to make sure there were no regrets.

Roll on four weeks and I have changed beyond my expectations,
The anxiety within has gone, as are my verbal limitations.
My family are happy to have a different version,
Of the wife and mother that they love, after her conversion.

My past is my past, and that I cannot change,
Nor, for the death of my mum, do I accept the blame.
Free from the negative emotions I have felt from the start,
I move on feeling positive and with a happy heart.

“I have known I had a problem for many, many years and that this problem was associated with the death of my mum, how that was handled, and the circumstances I found myself in thereafter.

I have a scientific background so have done lots of research online, have had one to one counselling, but my anxiousness and panic attacks around certain close family members continued to grow to a point which was detrimental to all concerned.

A chance meeting with Ashley and Jayne in Esse, where I blurted out my problem, resulted in a calm and firm response of “Yes, we can help”. After looking at the Mind Reform website, and a bit more internet research, I thought that I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The rest is history. The whole experience was incredibly hard, time consuming and emotionally draining but it was also uplifting and hugely rewarding. I feel totally different, I think differently and I’ve been told that I am sounding and acting differently. The scientist within me wants to know how this happened, indeed for two days after the breakthrough session, while the integration was taking place, I couldn’t think straight which felt weird, but then the fog cleared. I guess it doesn’t matter how it happened, all that matters is that it did.

I am also proud of the fact that I acknowledged my problem, I confronted my problem, then I made it disappear. Ashley and Jayne were with me all the way and enabled this to happen, for which I am eternally grateful, but I did it myself and that feels good.

If you are reading this now, it means that maybe you feel you have an issue too. You have to be brave to admit it and want to do something about it, but if you do, it is definitely worth it”.

Thoughts become things… choose the good ones!

To find out how we can help you, go to and read our testimonials.


A Happy, Healthy Hundred and Sprunch is Back!! – September 2015

I have just come back from a 2 week holiday in our house in France. Nothing unusual with that, except it is the first time in 9 years since we have had the house that I have spent 2 weeks there! The thought of two weeks in the same place filled me with dread!!
I thought I might go stir crazy so I decided I needed to give myself some structure to my day.
Every morning (almost!) I took a brisk walk in the mountains, followed by a very cold swim in the lake, breakfast, then a hot shower followed by a cold shower!!!
Now I am a really chilly mortal and just the thought of a cold shower made me hyperventilate! But I had set myself a challenge – The ’30 Day Cold Shower’ Challenge! and I was not going to give up that easily.
However cold showering in France is one thing but doing the same in England is another!
Why am I doing this? Well I believe that there is every reason we should all be living to at least one hundred years old, and if that is so, I want us all to be a “Happy, Healthy Hundred “.
So much of my holiday reading was about Gut Health, Lymphatic Drainage, Optimum Nutrition, Constipation, Colonic Irrigation…(just the usual holiday reading?!) which you will all hear about sooner or later, but for now my’ Happy Healthy Hundred’ is about cold showering

The Internet is full of the benefits of cold showering but here are a few that I have ‘pulled off’
Better Breathing
Increased Immune Strength
Improved Blood Circulation
Increased Cholesterol
Refined Hair and Skin
Stimulates Weight Loss 

I could go on, but there is so much on the Internet for you to read if you want! For me so far after 2 and a 1/2 weeks of cold Showering I feel brighter, happier and my skin and hair feels softer and that can only be a good thing!!

September and October Promotions

After a very Popular demand Sprunch is Back… 

Sprunch (spa lunch) This Autumn With Coconuts, Friends and Food!

Coconut body slammer
A sweetly scented coconut and sweet lychee body buff followed by a gentle raw coconut oil application

With a Mini Manicure using the Latest OPI nail treatment/varnish (As if we really need another nail varnish collection !)
Strength & colour – OPI Nail Envy Strengthener is now available in four softly tinted colours infused with hydrolysed wheat protein and calcium


OPI Infinite shine – OPI Nail varnish that lasts up to 10 days (really!!), with a high glossy shine, goes on and off like normal nail varnish and touch dry in 8 ½ minutes – (I am addicted)
£39 per person

Add on lunch at The Sheene Mill for £10 per person!
A choice of 1 Sharing Platter and A salad of your choice (based on a minimum of 2 sharing)

To coincide with September Organic Awareness Month and October which is Cancer Awareness Month we are promoting 100% Spiezia Organic Treatments
(All Spiezia treatments can be preformed on  clients during and after Cancer)
Spiezia 100% Organic Relax and Rejuvenate Uplifting Facial
This amazing treatment is like an acupuncture face/neck/decolletage lift using a special combination of massage techniques from India (Ayurvedic) and Japan (Anma) preventing and reducing tension, facial wrinkles and age spots, improving the complexion by stimulating the circulation and releasing toxins.
(70 mins)

Spiezia 100% Organic Mindful Moments Spa Ritual
(Esse and Browns in London are the only Spa’s getting to preform this treatment… How exciting!!)

Allows you to disconnect from the stresses and strains of everyday life and to really focus on being still, present and calm. This ritual starts with a cleansing and relaxation ritual. The slow and gentle rhythmic flow of the following mindful massage incorporates slow stretches and a gentle elongation of tense muscles combined with a head and face massage which focuses on soothing any tension and anxiety
Introductory Price £45

Why not add The New 100% Organic Spiezia Soul Sensation for £20 to any Spiezia Treatment
Refresh those tired, aching feet (and soles) with a rosebud foot soak and exfoliation, completed with a soothing leg and deep foot massage with cooling peppermint, healing rosemary and Spiezia 100% organic oils

Mindful Moments with Spiezia – September 2015

We love Spiezia 100% Organic hand made in Cornwall products and are really delighted to have the lovely Amanda Barlow, managing director of Spiezia to visit us on September 2nd

To coincide with Organic Awareness month September and The Soil Association Campaign for Clarity. Spiezia have launched a new Spa ritual… ‘Mindful Moments’ with botanical infusions (bringing together hydration and mental reset)
Amanda will be giving a brief talk about the campaign for clarity and how certified organic brings clarity and honesty in terms of ingredients and providing insights as to what organic skin care truly is.

This will be followed by a 15 minute mini mindful session, a facial routine and a complimentary sample of The Mindful Moment.
‘Skincare is so much more than applying products without any thought’ The twice daily cleansing ritual should be used as a time to ‘catch the breath’ and achieve mindfulness’.

Mindfulness is thought to aid the release of good hormonal factors that help keep the telomeres or little cups on the end of chromosomes in tip top form.

The Speizia Mindful Moment is a deeply relaxing Spa Ritual which is accessible to all, including anyone going through cancer as it uses only Organic Products. Mindful Moments will bring a sense of stillness and calm.

To follow on we will be offering 20 minute complimentary taster sessions of Mindful Moment Spa Ritual

Wednesday 2nd September 
The day as follows 

2:00pm –Introduction with Amanda and a mini mindful session

2.30 – Fresh mint Tea and Chocolate Brownie nibbles

2.40 – 5:00pm – 20 minute Complimentary Mindful Moment taster sessions

5:00pm –Introduction with Amanda and a mini Mindful session

5.30pm – A glass of Organic wine

5.40-7:00pm – 20 minute Complimentary Mindful Moment taster sessions

We hope you can join us for either Amanda’s talk or for an individual taster session or hopefully both!

Clare, Claudine and Our Promotions  – June 2015

We Welcome Claire Thornton UK registered Associate Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer to our team at Esse

There is always so much talk about what you should eat and what you shouldn’t eat, what diet is best for you, whether to stick with 3 meals a day or have smaller snacks… I have always believed ‘one diet does not fit all’ what suits one person may not suit another. One of the main reasons I was drawn to Clare is that she individually tailors realistic dietary advice without giving up all the foods you love!

On Wednesday 8th July betweem 2pm and 3pm Clare is giving a nutrition talk 

Eating Smarter for a Healthy Weight and Improved Energy Levels 
Learn how to eat smarter to optimise your health and dramatically increase your energy levels. It’s not just about weight, but feeling great inside and out too. Simple, expert dietary and fitness advice enables you to realistically fit healthy eating and living into your busy lifestyle. Discover how to feel fuller for longer and stay ahead of your hunger, all without giving up the foods you love.

Claudine our Acupuncturist
After missing 3 months of periods I was beginning to get excited in the hope that it wouldn’t be long until I reached my menopause! I am 55 this year so I really thought it was about time it all stopped!
Seven weeks ago I started bleeding, not much, but it continued for 6 weeks, so I called Claudine to see if there was anything she could do to make it stop.Claudine said she probably could, so I went ahead with my first session of acupuncture. That night I bled like I had never before this went on for 5 days I became virtually house bound until I eventually called Claudine. She came straight away to see me and we realised I actually needed to have a proper period before she could stop me, she said she could slow the bleeding. After session two and after about 5 hours the flow was reduced by 60% 2 days later she gave me a 3rd acupuncture session and said she would now stop the bleeding. Six hours later I had completely stopped!!

Now I know a lot of you may say that could have been coincidence, it may well have been, but one thing for sure, last Thursday I went into the 3rd acupuncture session white faced, low energy, low enthusiasm, light headed, tired and with a very low pulse and a hour later I couldn’t believe how I felt… energized,sparky, ready again to take on the world back, to my ‘normal self’ thanks to Claudine!
Claudine isn’t very good at self promotion, I couldn’t tell you enough how lovely and brilliant she is, I urge any of you going  through what I have just been through to contact Claudine – 07914265970 or visit

July and August Promotions

Aromatherapy Associates Anti Ageing Facial
As you know the last few months have been all consumed with Environ products, which I have to say my skin is looking the best it has for a very long time, But I still love the massage techniques of an Aromatherapy Facial and a scalp massage

70 minutes of Ultimate Facial Pampering
Normally £78 
Promotional Price £63

MIO High Intensity Upper Body and Arm Contouring Treatment
Whether we like it or not there comes a time when we just have to get those arms out and on show!
A decollete, bust, back and upper arm treatment that will dramatically increase circulation, plump up tired skin, visibly reducing sag and arm wobble using deep tissue massage and rich actives!

45 minutes
Normally £48
Promotional Price £35

Vita Liberata Legs
As always our legs are the hardest area to tan and probably the area most needed to be tanned!
Vita Liberata is the world first completely non toxic tanning brand and virtually odourless
First we will give your legs a good scrub to leave them silky smooth, followed by a hydrating Vita Liberata Tan
Normally £27
Promotional Price £20

Mini Summer Sparkle
Perfect Pre Holiday or Pre Party Treatment

A Mini Facial
A Zingy Lime and Lemongrass Body Scrub
A Mini Pedicure
A Shellac Manicure
(To upgrade to a full pedicure is an extra £15)
Normally £127
Promotional Price £98

Ania our Semi Permanent Make-up Artist s offering 20% off Semi Permanent Eyeliner when booked with Semi Permanent Eyebrows if your interested please contact Ania on – 07525 75 55 30 Email:

Initiatic Tai Ji Classes at ESSE – May 2015

Starting Wednesday May 6th at 3pm or 4:30pm
classes are 75 mins

Teach yourself how to get ‘out of your head’ and into your ‘Energy body’

Tai Ji is gentle exercise that supports you to find ways to relax, reduce stress, tension and feel calmer both inside and out.
Initiatic Tai Ji is based on the principles which underline traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)
Each movement stimulates the same energy channels used within acupuncture and explains the sense of peaceful energy which students often experience during and after a session of Tai Ji

Steve has been a student for 7 years and teaching for 7 years

Each session is limited to 6 people and include the following disciplines
Preparatory Exercises
Standing Post Meditation
Dragon Walk
Yang Family Short Form

classes are £12.50 discounts available if you book into an 8 week introduction

Please contact Steve if your interested on – 01279 777032 /
or visit

Spiezia is Special! -march 2015

It’s funny isn’t it when there are times in your life that something crops up and you really haven’t a space for it, but it just won’t go away.
It all started with a blue glass bottle of organic body firming oil. Where it came from, I do not know. I used the oil and absolutely loved it!
One of our clients Audrey was talking to our therapists about some lovely products that she thought we really should stock.
The following week Audrey came in to see me to talk about the products. I explained to her that as much as I thought they were lovely that I really didn’t have the space for them.
Later that week I was on the train from London and I received an email from Spiezia Organic Products the same of which Audrey had spoken to me about.
Now normally I wouldn’t bother to read through all their treatments, but I had time, I was on the train and I knew I loved their organic body oil.

Over the past few years I have become increasingly angry and upset that we have not been able to offer treatments to our clients undergoing cancer without a doctors certificate as it is a contraindication with the products we use. That was until Spiezia found us!

Spiezia is 100% organic and their products are handmade in Cornwall using local herbs and flowers where possible.
They have created the most amazing loving treatment called ‘Head in Heaven’


I think I am turning into a Fish… May 2014

My skin is unbelievably soft and silky,

my face has plumped up and my skin looks decidedly less wrinkly, my pores seem to have shrunk, my eyes are bright and shiny, the flaky skin on my right foot has completely gone, my energy levels have increased, I feel calm, confident and happy and I’m sleeping deeply!

To good to be true??

No Skinade… NO comment!! 

Skinade – Better skin from within

Skinade Offer – BUY 3 Boxes (15 bottles) £45 and get ONE BOX
(5 bottles) FREE!!! 


Here at ESSE we have found a New Miracle product (a drink in a bottle) it was discovered 6 months ago and has only just hit the press!

Skinade™ has been developed by leading UK scientists and is manufactured in the UK using only the highest quality EU approved ingredients. Skinade provides a perfect ratio of liquid to active ingredients working synergistically to create one of the most advanced, effective and bio-available anti-ageing skincare products on the market today.

The next-generation skincare solution

Skinade™ is the next-generation liquid food supplement that boosts your body’s natural collagen production and improves the way your skin looks in as little as 30 days.

For best results a 90 day course is recommended

Traditional beauty products only function on the surface of the skin, skinade works from the inside. The advanced formulation of low molecular weight collagen and essential micro-nutrients ensures rapid absorption nourishing your skin from the inside, giving you a more youthful, glowing and radiant complexion.

why is skinade a drink and not a pill?

  • Scientific research has shown that liquids have a far higher bio-availability and absorption rate.
  • Tablets offer an absorption of only 30% to 40%
  • Skinade offers an absorption of 80% to 90%
  • More convenient to take
  • Better tasting than tablets or pills

The evidence – independent survey results

In a trial of 60 individuals; after 30 days participants reported that their skin looked or felt:

More hydrated 97.6%
More radiant 95.1%
More youthful 92%
Clearer 93.1%
Healthier 97.1%
Smoother 91.51%
Fewer fine linesand wrinkles 91%

Skinade contains…

Hydrolysed marine collagen – 7000 mg
vitamin c -180 mg
MSM – organic sulphur found in all living organisms – 1000 mg
B vitamins, B2, B3, B12, Biotin, Folic acid
omegas 3&6 from organic flax seed
L-lysine – 124 mg
(and its natural with NO added sugar or artificial sweetener!) 3 things that age you the most… Sun, Smoking and Sugar!
its the price of a cappuccino and it tastes like mangostein, peach and papaya
(and there’s only 35 calories in a bottle!!)

The results

Independent and unaltered before and after photos taken by our customers using their personal mobile devices after completing a 30 day course.


Skinade contains pure, natural collagen sourced from the skins of fresh-water fish, which are low in sodium and eliminate the potential for mercury contamination. Our peptides are extracted using a gentle enzymatic hydrolysis process to achieve the lowest possible molecular weight. The lower the molecular weight, the easier it is for the body to absorb the collagen.

Once hydrolysed the peptides are stable and soluble. Hydrolysed marine collagen proteins are known to be the most abundant in Type I and Type III collagen, the same type that is found in the skin. Studies* have shown that fragmentation of collagen fibres leads to a decrease in total collagen, mainly Type I and Type III, and accelerates the ageing process – especially above 60 years of age.

if you fancy a taste we can give you a free tasting any time here at ESSE!

Life before Shellac – Wobbly Thighs – 2013

We all have our bits we don’t like, mine – my inner Wobbly Thighs!

Every year I go on holiday and I seem to get fixated by my thighs, they are now definitely looking plumper and considerably dimplier!!

And then even more disgusting they start to rub together in the heat- YUK!!

Dieting is not the answer as I end up with a gaunt saggy face, so what do I do?

Action is definitely needed to stop this obsession with my thighs on holiday and for the rest of the summer until they are firmly covered up in jeans for the winter… that is until the next Summer Holiday…..

So I have put together 2 Treatments that should help me combat my obsession…

Both I have to say were amazing in completely different ways and perfect for a last minute holiday fix.

The results…Well I think I need a few more than just one, but both treatments really left them feeling more toned and detoxed.


Lovey Legs, Glacier Shells Detox Massage

A bit of a long winded name I know, but I couldn’t think of any other name more befitting for this Treatment!

If you suffer from Cellulite, Sluggish Circulation, Tired Achy Legs, Sore Muscles or Fluid Retention, this is the Ultimate Detox Massage for you!

The treatment started with Body Brushing ….I have to say Body Brushing is probably one of my least favourite things, but it wasn’t too bad and I think I could most probably get used to it as it is so good for the circulation! This was then  Followed by a delicious layering of Aromatherapy Revive Oil (with pink grapefruit, rosemary and juniper)

Then the action starts… ICE COLD shells are massaged in long sweeping strokes, followed by HOT Lava Shells and then again by Cold. Vigorous cupping with the Cold Shells really working on those stubborn areas. Both sides of the legs are massaged with the Shells followed by a gentle Shell Stomach Massage (which is especially good if you suffer from bloating, IBS etc.)

After the treatment, I immediately had to pop to the loo (make sure you go before the treatment!) I did, (excuse me) a rather long ‘wee’, put my jeans back on and I’m not sure if it was my imagination but my jeans definitely felt slightly looser!


The Lovey Legs, Glacier Shells Detox Massage Introductory Price Is: £48

(Will be £65)

Buy 3 of The Massages (to be used within 7 days) for £135

AND add 10 mins of the Flabelos before each treatment for FREE!!
(Optional but almost Essential)


Genie Bikini with a Twist!

I know it’s crazy but I have had The Genie Machine for 8 years and in that time I have never used it on my body.
(My face yes, with The Ten Minute Face Lift which I think is brilliant)

Anyway back to my legs!… (Equally good on tums) I lay on the couch and Christy padded me up, including that almost impossible area to tone, my inner thigh! She then turned on the current!

Oh my goodness, I felt a bit nervous as my leg muscles contracted. “Higher?” Christy asked – Of course, I mean business!

Well, I can tell you after 25 minutes of my muscles contracting, I really felt they had been through an intensive work out.

This was then followed by another lot of padding up for 30 minutes of gentle Lymphatic Drainage (Again make sure you go to the loo first!)

An excellent Treatment to work on some of those really stubborn areas that are almost impossible to tone.


The Genie Bikini with a Twist Introductory Offer is: £58

(Will be £72)

Buy 3 (to be used within 7 days) For £150

And add 10 mins of the Flabelos before each treatment for FREE!!
(Optional but almost Essential)


Life before Shellac

Sit down, have your nails painted, wait 20 minutes, invariably smudge them (because you’re too impatient) chip them the next day!

Then came The Revolutionary Shellac which I think we all know about  by now, The 2 week non chip polish – Ready to Go!

But what about those of you that do not get on with Shellac?! 

The answer… VINYLUX!!

Sit down, nails painted, touch dry in 2 minutes, fully dry in 8 ½ minutes, last approximately 7 days, removed by normal nail varnish.

I have to say Absolutely Amazing; I have just had my Vinylux taken off after 12 days as it was starting to look a bit worn!

Most people with nails in a reasonable condition should be able to get 7 days with Vinylux.

– I am so impressed that I want all you Non Shellac Lovers to try it!

Introductory Price:

Express Vinylux: £18

Full Manicure: £27

At the moment we only have 12 colours, it looks as though The Country has gone Vinylux Crazy. We are trying very hard to expand to the 30 Shellac Matching Colours.
(Available for retail too!)


Aromatherapy Soothing Facial

I thought this would be the Perfect Late Summer Facial as it targets Sensitive, Irritated, Hormonal Skin.

And for those of you who have been Very Naughty and put your Face in the Sun, is The Perfect Facial to help Weakened Skin Re Balance and protect itself!

Normally: £58

Promotional Price: £46

All Promotions last until the end of September

Have a Good Summer Hols Everyone… Hope to See you all Soon

…Back in September with the Exercise timetable!

Warm Wishes

Professional Ugly’ – Mums week and Jazz 2013

I didn’t really want to tell you about Professional Beauty (which I have now renamed Professional Ugly) until my next Email –When I can talk about all the exciting new things that will be coming to ESSE!

But I feel so strongly that I need to get it off my chest now!!


Somewhere along the line ‘Beauty’ is getting mixed up with ‘Ugly’.

I always thought Beauty Salons are here to help ‘enhance’ beauty – not to make every one look the same –completely and utterly over ‘made up’

Fake Tans – Darker than ever and normally poorly applied,

Teeth – whiter than white,

Eyelashes- poorly glued on, heavy, black and far too long,

Eyebrows – Thick black inverted V’s (pencilled on) with no resemblance to the high definition Brows of Elizabeth Taylor!

Nails – very long, Very Pointed Yuk!!

I could go on- but I think you probably get the drift by now…

Anyway I have had my moan and i would like to tell you all about our training with Susan Posnick Make-up and Marianne the Make-up Artist.

Marianne the make-up artist arrived straight from London fashion week –quite scruffily dressed and not much make up on. I thought this is not what i had expected. I had expected – like usual, someone firstly with immaculate make-up and secondly somebody dressed with a little more effort.

After talking very minimally about the products, she set to work.

All was forgiven she was a true ‘Artiste’! highlighting the good and shading the not so good! Enhancing Natural Beauty without ‘smothering or caking on’ make-up. She created ‘looks’ and tought our therapists the ’tricks of the trade’

18th January 2007

Dear Client

Please, please tell me if you are getting fed up with my emails and would like to be removed from our database – I promise I won’t hold it against you when you next visit!!

Today I am feeling exceptionally positive. I had my first Life Coaching session with Kate Tojeiro. Initially, I thought this most certainly would not be for me, I don’t need anyone to advise me what to do!! I already know I don’t delegate enough, don’t take enough time-out, know where I want to go from here etc, etc! But cleverly Kate managed to surface one of my deepest and most passionate of ambitions – writing about “experiences” whether they are mine, an employee, a client or anyone else close to me. So now you’ve been warned – this is your last chance to opt out!!

I have pencilled in our Charity Open Day for March 20 (first day of spring) in support of Great Ormond Street – a charity dear to both Kate and my parents. Kate will be giving 20 minute Life Coaching taster sessions along with a more in-depth discussion during the day. There will be lots of other treatments available on the day including, reiki, hair up, make-up, file and paint, back, neck and shoulder massage and plenty to ideas for your spring wardrobe. All priced at £10 each and ALL paid direct to Great Ormond Street.

I haven’t yet formalised everything for the day – so please don’t ask for any more info yet! But hopefully it will be a great day and it would be really lovely to see you all here.

Warmest wishes

Sally – Esse

13th Febuary 2007

Patricia popped by the other day. A lovely lady with soft shiny brown eyes and dark curly hair. We chatted and sipped herbal tea together. She had wanted to come by for quite a while, but only now felt the time was right.

Patricia is a Psychic Medium – Professional Clairvoyant.

Many years ago I visited a clairvoyant, who was extremely accurate, but in many ways I wished she hadn’t told me about the future as I felt I started to live my life by her predictions.

So I said to Paricia “Please don’t tell me about the future. I love life as it is, never knowing what life has in store, who you might meet and how someone or something might happen that could change life as you had never imagined. She assured me that she wouldn’t. So I chose to meet my Spirit Guides. She very accurately made references about my family, clients and with three of my spirit guides. I must say it feels very comforting to know that I am being guided.

Patricia is now on board with us and as we speak she is with clients at Esse. As I spoke with her/our clients I shuddered and was covered with goose bumps as they revealed to me their time with Patricia and the accuracy of her readings.

I received a lovely email from a client and it went as follows…

“…I am really pleased to see that you have Patricia on your list of therapies. I have had two readings with her and I have to say, she is extremely accurate and has a pleasing manner. She has helped me through some very difficult times and I will be visiting her again in the future. I wish her well at Esse and hope others will benefit as I have from her. Thank you…”

Patricia is going to hold an evening of Clairvoyance at Esse on February 28 at 7pm. A special evening that offers you the opportunity to receive messages for you, friends and family alike.

A maximum of 12 tickets are on sale for our introductory price of £15. Your ticket will include complimentary refreshments and a guaranteed message from Patricia.

Please book your place early if you would like to join our evening of clairvoyance.

Warmest wishes

Sally – Esse

FOR YOU MUM…7th June 2007

For most of my life my mum has nagged me. “Stop frowning!”  “I can’t help it!” I always replied.

Then over the last few years she’s been routinely cutting out articles on botox and leaving them around my house for me to see.

Well mum, for you I’ve gone and done it – I’ve been botoxed!

An incy weeny bit of pain and 5 small injections into my frown lines by Dr Maria O’Donovan and low and behold a very smooth forehead!

Dr Maria O’Donovan will be working from Esse on Tuesday evenings between 6.00pm and 9.00pm – consultations are free and prices should very soon be on our website (meantime please call us for further details)


ON 27 JUNE Dr Maria O’Donovan will be hosting an evening for those frequently asked questions and there will be a demonstration on Joyce! (Although I haven’t told her yet!) RSVP as places are limited. Ticket price – zero with a complimentary glass of wine.


PATRICIA WATSON our psychic/medium will be offering readings at the reduced rate of £35 throughout June. These readings will be for 30 mins and could include information to clarify issues and strengthen your goals in life.


REBECCA, The Wardobe Lady, is holding a series of one day workshops at Esse including lunch. Learn the secrets of a top image consultant! During the workshops you will learn how to:

  • wear clothes that make you look fantastic
  • find which clothes are the right shape for your body
  • choose the right size and scale of accessories
  • create a capsule wardrobe
  • hide the bits you hate and make the most of your body
  • shop for clothes that suit your lifestyle and personality

Please look on Rebecca’s website under events.


PS. Late night shopping Wednesday and Thursday – Half price bubbly and wine throughout the summer between 6.00pm-7.00pm

PPS. We raised £1,012.50 for Children’s Liver Disease Foundation at our Charity Fashion party – Thank you for all your support


25th January 2006

Dear Client

Love, romance, sex… (Did I say sex? Oh, well why not?).It’s getting near to that day you either love or dread. For those of you who are ‘all loved up’, that’s great, you can perhaps look forward to a romantic dinner, some flowers, etc. But what about those of us who are on our own? What are we supposed to do?

Well, I had a thought that maybe we should celebrate being happy and single. Maybe Esse should hold a Valentines Party for singletons. Please let me know what you think?

Although this year, I must confess, I’m out with the ex (probably the most romantic man I have ever known!)

Meanwhile for the ‘loved ups’ and the ones that would like to be ‘loved up’ Esse has put together some special offers…

  • Elemis Time for Love gift set £30.00
    Exotic Island Flower Bath Oil, Body Oil, Body Balm, Time for two Bathing Milk and a Ceramic Candle all in an Indian Silk Gift Box
  • Treat your loved ones 1-14 February
    Half price Brazilians, Hollywoods and Hearts
  • Book an Elemis Exotic Fragipani Body Nourishing Wrap and receive a
    File + French Manicure free. Only £47.00 (saving £18.00)
    This opulent exotic wrap is excellent for skin smoothing and softening, all combined with a de-stressing scalp pressure point massage. Aromatic Tahitian Coconut and Frangipani flowers are soaked together to produce the Monoi used in this wrap, which Polynesian women traditionally used to protect their skin and provides the ultimate radiance, vitality. And finally finish with a file and french manicure for free.

Warmest wishes

Sally – Esse

01763 261 000

Dear Client Feb 2006

I wrote this email at 3.00am in the morning, and not in a particularly happy frame of mind as my eldest daughter Serena disturbed me – she doesn’t seem to need any sleep. In fact, to be truthful it was not really her I was angry either but Eva.

Eva is our Reflexologist and has been responsible for keeping me sane (although I’m sure many would argue that point!) over the past 6 months.

During my first session with Eva, amongst many other things, she told me that I had a lot of tears that either had been cried or needed crying. The following day the flood gates opened and the tears rolled down my face continuously. There was nothing I could do to stop them. By the evening my eyes looked like 2 pinholes and I asked Carrie to give me a facial which I hoped would take away the swelling – but still the tears kept rolling.

But by the next day something inside of me had changed, I felt positive and confident. I felt I could now rule the world – well at least my ex! From then on – there has been no stopping me. I not only felt more balanced, but nicer, calmer and even dare I say patient, something I thought I’d left behind in my teens!

I said to Eva “I think I’m addicted to Reflexology” She answered that it was the real me coming back and I certainly couldn’t argue with Eva as I just felt so happy all the time.

Anyway, just getting back to the point – as the reason I was woken in the middle of the night was because I could hear every little noise. Eva had just given me my fourth Hopi Ear Candle session (Thermal Auricular Therapy) which claims to help with a whole host of problems, deafness, sinusitis etc. I wouldn’t say I am actually deaf but my hearing isn’t as sharp as it should be.

So I embarked on a course of treatments. Eva would burn a candle (not a regular candle, so please do not try this yourself) in each ear. As the candle burns down it acts like a chimney effect drawing out any wax, peas or anything else that shouldn’t be there. After 3 sessions there was no wax or any peas for that matter. But on the fourth session – lo and behold – I’m sorry this sounds disgusting but there was quite a lot of wax from my right ear. And that is why I am blaming Eva for my insomnia and not Serena – is because I can hear better – much better! So, much to Serena’s dismay she won’t be able to sneak her boyfriend over in the middle of the night anymore!

Following last year’s success from all our parties and charity events we raised a very healthy £4,276.75 for good causes. This year we are hoping to top last years grand total so I have attached all our diary dates and itinerary for the next 6 months. We really hope to have lots of fun, raise lots of money for charity and really hope you’ll be joining us at one or more of our events.

Warmest wishes

Sally –Esse

PS. Mr Cat (Isabella de Pedro) along with lots of other collections have arrived and at the moment we are all fighting over who is going to wear what!