“Ahmed what Massage do Enjoy doing the most?”

” I Enjoy Mostly The Full Body and Foot Massage, the longest massage including Reflexology and Deep Relaxation”

“What do you specialise in?”

“De stressing, and Healing any Aches/ Pains/ Injuries in a Relaxing way”

“And a Little bit of information about yourself…”

(Healing Hand is My Story)

I am an Egyptian Masseur,
“When I started working in the UK, they said that I have” Healing Hands.” So many who had massage from me said that I really have Healing Hands, It might be Genes from my Egyptians Ancestors?”

Egypt is Where It All Began…

Archaeological evidence of massage has been found in many ancient civilizations including ChinaIndiaJapanKoreaEgyptRomeGreece, and Mesopotamia.

BC 2330: “The Tomb of the Physician” in SaqqaraEgypt depicts two men having work done on
their feet and hands, presumably massage.