carrie webiste pic

Carrie is our Longest Serving Therapist, she has been with us from the beginning

“Carrie what Treatment do you Enjoy doing the most?”

“I absolutely love doing Facials. We use a variety of product ranges at Esse some of which are 100% natural and are really nice to work with. I like it when I have a client that is concerned about their skin or feels that they need some pampering and after finishing their treatment their skin looks lovely, they feel relaxed and are ready for the day ahead”

“What Treatment do you Specialise in?”

“I’d say all the Electrical Treatments, Mama Mio pregnancy treatments, Environ facials and Shellac Manicures. I find anything that’s slightly more scientific and in depth really interesting. I love learning how electrical currents and unusual methods can affect our skin in different ways”

“And a Little bit of information about yourself…”

“I’ve worked at Esse for nearly 12 years now and I love it. I live locally.  I exercise, dance and sometimes act nearby too which fits around work perfectly. I’m a real perfectionist in all of my work and home life and I like to think that I am kind and caring. I am very lucky to have a lovely, loyal clientele. XXX”