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We have so much to offer at Esse and because of this I do a little bit of everything. I like to experience a taste of as much as possible in a lovely work place. Earlier this year Sally offered me a chance to train to do manicures and pedicures which came as a surprise. Now trained I couldn’t be more proud of my self. Esse not only has built my confidence from rock bottom, but it changed my perspective on things.

When I started 2 years back I was a nervous young girl. 2 years later I feel Esse has brought out my maturity and my ability to give anything a go. I have gained passion for doing nails and enjoy meeting new clients. I love the fashion side of things at Esse, seeing all the new clothes come in is the best!  Trying not to spend my wages on them though is the worst! I look forward to becoming more involved in the future and meeting more clients.