fran webiste pic“Fran what Treatment do you Enjoy doing the most?”

I would have to say I love doing Facials the most. I think it’s very important to look after your skin at home and by having regular Facials. It is also my favourite treatment to receive as I find it is a treatment where you can target your concerns, boost self confidence, achieve results, relax and unwind! x

“What Treatment do you Specialise in?”

I specialise in intimate waxing. (Hollywood, Brazilian) with both warm and hot wax. I also specialise in Nails, both hands and feet. I am a massive Shellac lover, Its by far my favourite treatment for the nails as its a 14 day lasting polish which is absolutely fab and is a massive god send for those of us who cant keep polish on for more than a couple of days. So get down to Esse and I can promise you wont be disappointed!!! x

“And a Little bit of information about yourself…”

I studied at The Cambridge School of Beauty Therapy in Pampisford and qualified in both¬†Cidesco & Cibtac. I really enjoyed my time training at the school and if given the chance to do it all again I would in a flash. ¬†I then worked at The Sanctuary Spa in Cambridge for 2 and a half years and loved every minute of it. I now have recently joined the Esse Retail & Therapy team. I am really looking forward to growing as a Therapist here by completing new training and getting to know all the lovely clients. I would say that I am a bubbly person who likes to look on the positive side of everything. In my spare time I like to keep fit by running, and going to the Gym. I also enjoy my weekends as its my ‘ me time’ and a chance where I can spend time with my family and friends.