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“Michele what Treatment do you Enjoy doing the most?”

 I enjoy doing Facials and Body Treatments because they vary so much and benefit the Clients 

“What do you Specialise in?”

 I Specialise in Body Massage, Mainly Swedish and Aromatherapy. I have also studied in Specialist Facials. Make-up is something I have a Flare for, So I’ve been told! 

“And a Little bit of information about yourself…”

I trained as a Beauty Therapists at Henlow Grange in 1976, where I learnt a vast array of Treatments, also about being Pleasant and Professional in the Job. There, I had the opportunity to work in Africa with an African Chief and his Wife! I’m married to Paul,  we travelled together before we had our 3 children,  Morgan, Lewis and Jasmine. My career has given me the opportunity to work part time at Esse since it opened in 2004. I love my job still!