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“Natasha what Treatment Do you Enjoy doing the most?”

“I really enjoy Massage. I find it very rewarding helping people to Relax with Gentle Massage and I also find it Satisfying doing a firmer Massage working deep into any Tight Stressed Muscles”

“What do you Specialise in?”

“I would say I specialise in  HD Brows, Defining your Eyebrows using Straight Lines and Angles, Training your Eyebrows to appear Fuller and Sharper”

“Also, Massage including the lovely Lava Shall Massage using Heated Tiger Clam Shells to warm the muscles allowing me to get deeper into any stubborn Tension whilst being completely Relaxing too”

“And a Little bit of information about yourself…”

“I spend all of my spare time outdoors with my Border Collie Lotty, and my horse Tally, going for long walks in the countryside. I have been a Therapist at Esse for 4 years, Id say I’m more of a Holistic Therapist as I aim to help people walk back into their lives feeling slightly more human and able to take on the world”