steff website pic

“Steff what Treatment do you Enjoy doing the most?”

“I would probably say Facials, Eyebrows and Pedicures, The worse the feet the better! I find with Facials you can adapt for every client. I love a hands on Facial that involves lots of lovely massage to really relax my client I also like the Aroma Clear Facial where I can have a “good squeeze” and help De-congest and Treat the Skin, I personally like having facials myself so I think that helps!”

“What do you Specialise in? “

“I would probably say my strength is a Firm Massage.”

“I also Specialise in High Definition Eyebrows, Thickening and Creating a new shape to Lift your Eyes and Define your Brows. Perfect for those that don’t have much of a Brow and even just by Tinting and Tidying the Eyebrows you can see an amazing difference. Having Defined Eyebrows really Frames your Face!

“And a Little bit of information about yourself…”

“I am Sally’s (owner of Esse) youngest daughter, I have been trained in Beauty Therapy for 8 years. I trained at The Cambridge School of Beauty in Pampisford and I loved every minute of it! I started working at Esse doing a little bit here and there, then decided to set of on my Travels around the World to ‘ Find Myself ‘  So whether I found myself or not? I came back knowing exactly what I wanted to do!
I help my mum run/manage the shop! I work 6 days a week and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays you can find me upstairs giving Treatments, otherwise I am downstairs working the shop floor. So I guess, I have the” Best of Both Worlds!” I thoroughly Enjoy the Seasonal Buying of the clothes, finding new products to help us feel/look younger and anything else new and exciting that we always seem to find for our shop, and of course I Enjoy giving Treatments and Relaxing people too!” I love The Social Life at Esse, the Buzzy Atmosphere, The friendly faces and getting to know all my clients Very well! We have a great team here! 

“I Guess I would say my hobbies are “Here at ESSE” , Cooking (I’m a big foodie)  and out Enjoying life with Friends! I like to think I’m honest, out spoken, a great listener, a bit of a Perfectionist and I Love getting “Stuck into Things”