The First Anti-ageing Beauty Chocolate 

Esthechoc – Cambridge Beauty Chocolate is a unique food supplement in the form of functional beauty dark chocolate. Protects the skin from aging, and contributes to a healthy, luminous and smooth skin.

No ordinary chocolate! esthechoc combines the potency of harnessed natural ingredients with scientific evidence.

10 years in the making, Dr Ivan Petyaev has created a small bar of chocolate (7.5g and 38 calories) containing 4mg of Astaxanthin and 11mg cocoa Polyphenols designed to protect your skin from ageing within, contributing to a healthy, firm and radiant skin. Clinically proven to work in 3 weeks!!!

THE SCIENCE – (each small bar)
Astaxanthin derived from algae and also found in salmon, lobster, prawns and trout, has the equivalent levels to that of 300g of wild Alaskan salmon.
Astaxanthin is one of the strongest antioxidants found to date and helps with the following…
Improving skin moisture levels, smoothness,elasticity, and fine lines, helps relieve fatigue, increases endurance, good for brain and eye health, helps with joint pain, inflammation and heart health.

Epicatechin (cocoa) Polyphenols
Equal levels of cocoa Polyphenols as a 100g of dark chocolate with coca levels of 72.6%
Cocoa powder and extracts have been shown to exhibit a greater antioxidant capacity than many other flavanol rich foods such as green tea, red wine and blueberries. It has protective properties against the following diseases – inflammation, metabolic, cardiovascular and cancer protection.