Spiezia 100% Organic

Spiezia believe that nature does it best. They have developed a unique process which uses solar and lunar energy to make the most of the air-dried herbs used in their products. The products are hand-made honestly and with passion so they know exactly what’s happening with each ingredient from start to finish. A targeted ‘maceration’ at the heart of each product provides unique properties – this combined with Soil Association certified ingredients and sustainable packaging results in a product that not only great for your skin, but also for the environment.

Spiezia formulate and manufacture our their products at the brand new Health & Wellbeing Innovation Centre near Truro, in the heart of Cornwall. They have sourced organic ingredients since their inception in the 1990’s. They were the original company in the UK to have Soil Association accreditation across 100% of their skin care range and were strongly involved in the development of Soil Association certification for beauty products. In addition to their commitment to ‘Organic’, they also operate on a strict ethical policy when it comes to purchasing, whether it be their ingredients, packaging, stationary and cleaning products.

Spiezia’s belief is that a beautiful skin is a healthy skin and this comes from within so their products must nourish both externally and internally.

If you like luxury then Spiezia is the Skincare for you, not only is it 100% Organic and completely edible! (We don’t advise eating them) all the products smell delightful and feel beautiful on your skin!