Body Scrubs
Your treatment starts with dry body brushing, to awaken your skin and improve circulation. The scrub is thenapplied to your body exfoliating dead skin cells, smoothing the skin leaving the skin cleansed polished and refreshed. Choose from an invigorating course lime and lemongrass or our gentle wild rose salt scrub. ~ 25 minutes £32

Scrub and Wraps

A Clean Start~ 70 mins £72
Starting with a zingy lime and lemongrass full body exfoliation to invigorate, draw out toxins and slough away dull January skin. Followed by a deep cleanse face mask and a full body wrap with green tea, red tea, white tea and mint leaf. This will draw out those pesky toxins, help to tone skin, repair skin cells and leave skin luminous and glowing. Whilst wrapped up enjoy a deep scalp, and décolleté massage

Scrub and Massage

Aromatherapy Wild Rose Hydrator ~ 55 minutes £60.00
This treatment begins with a gentle wild rose salt scrub exfoliation. it is then layered in a hydrating and regenerating rose gel. A moisturising and a softening mix of nourishing rose body oil and rose body cream is then lightly massaged into the body. Your body is warmly wrapped and an Ayurvedic scalp massage with Frankincense is performed, leaving your skin nourished and rejuvenated.

Neom Happy ~70 minutes £72
This treatment begins with a guided mediation, reflexology and breathing exercises all designed to lift your mood. Your skin will be lightly buffed head to toe with invigorating oils of wild mint and mandarin. Shiatsu, Cranio, Thai massage and trigger point touch techniques are applied to the back, neck, shoulder, face and scalp to decrease stress levels and release endorphins leaving you feeling relaxed and happy.

The Genie Ultimate Body Slimming, Lifting & Toning System
The Genie system is a thousand times stronger than other systems on the market today giving you all over body slimming and toning in just minutes! (Results are instant, however courses are advised for long lasting results.)

Genie Lymphatic Drainage ~ 30 minutes £48 / Course of ten £450 (Weight Loss)
Our Genie lymphatic Drainage can rebalance the body by flushing any excess water and toxins out leading to a reduction in fluid retention and cellulite formation.

Genie Slimtone ~ 20 minutes £38/ Course of ten £340 (Toning and inch loss for the body)
Slimtone re-contours, re-shapes and firms by building up muscle mass by exercising individual chosen muscle groups. (20 minutes treatment is equivalent to 360 sit ups!) This also can help to reduce the appearance of Cellulite.

10 Slimtone + 3 Lymphatic Drainage ~ £450 (within 4 weeks)

The Universal Contour Wrap ~ 2 hours £78 / Course of 3 £220 (1 per week)( £20 Deposit required when booking) 
A detoxifying wrap that guarantees a loss of 6 inches or more. The average person should lose between 10-14 inches per treatment, that’s up to a dress size in 3 treatments! This works through loss of toxins NOT water loss, guaranteed to keep the inch loss off for 30 days or more (if you are not over eating/drinking!)

Lovely Legs, Glacier Shells Detox Massage ~ 55 minutes £62
This treatment uses hot and cold Tiger Clam Shells to perform deep leg and tummy massage which incorporates Cupping. If you suffer from cellulite, sluggish circulation, tired achy legs, sore muscles or fluid retention, this will stimulate your Circulation and help Aid Lymphatic Drainage.

Mio High Intensity Body Treatments
Our high intensity body treatments target the key concerns of women-cellulite, tummies, bust and upper arm wobble. Each mio high intensity treatment will make a visible lasting difference – lifting, sculpting, tightening, increasing firmness and smoothness in all troubled spots.

Get Waisted tummy sculpting treatment ~ 55 minutes £65 / Course of 3 £180 (1 per week)
If exercise and diet alone are not giving you the firm, taut tum you want, you need to Get Waisted. In less than an hour your tummy will feel slimmer, tighter, more toned and less bloated. Powerful actives will increase the energy within your skin and our special Mio massage techniques will firm and resculpt, reducing wobble and love handles.

Shrink to Fit cellulite smoothing treatment ~ 55 minutes £65 / Course of 3 £180 (1 per week)
Deep tissue and lymphatic Mio massage to lift, tighten and tone your hips and thighs, reducing saddlebags and dimpling. Powerful actives stimulate circulation, removing toxins, tightening up spongy skin, leaving smooth, firm, fitter looking legs and a perter, tighter butt.

Upper body and Arm contouring treatment ~ 45 minutes £48 / Course of 3 £135
Seeing is believing with this amazing décolleté, bust, back and upper arms treatment that will dramatically increase circulation, plump up tired skin, visibly reducing sag and arm wobble. Deep tissue and lymphatic massage releases tension, improves posture whilst rich actives regenerate gorgeous glowing healthy skin.

The full Monty body sculpt contouring treatment ~ 85 minutes £90
(Perfect for a pre wedding, pre holiday treat)
The ultimate body treatment giving intense body tightening and toning, targeting the 3 main areas of concern from cellulite-prone hips to upper arms to chest with special focus on tightening up your tummy. 90 minutes of radically energising deep tissue massage combined with proactive exfoliation to give you a tighter, more toned fitter-feeling body, ready for action.